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Adobe Systems Incorporated

2009 Özen Mimarlık Mühendislik
Özen Mimarlık Mühendislik Ltd. Şti. is an Architecture Office in Istanbul, Turkey. Main task is to restore old and historical buildings.

3D engineering: Creating 3D visualization from the 2D plan.
Co-working with the architects: 2D colour visualization, measuring.
Photographing: taking pictures about the buildings.
Company Design works: Web page (under construction), reference album.
System administrator: Upgrade and maintenance the IT system in the Office. Building LAN-Internet-Mobile workstation with project manager and backup system. Search, teach and install new technology that the can help the workers (Google Docs and Calendars, 5pm, Photosynth, FTP, Archive, Backup, Remote Control, etc...)

Adobe Systems Incorporated

2003⁄2008 Trans-Europe Ltd.
Trans-Europe Ltd., Distributor for Adobe, Macromedia, e frontier, Extensis, onOne, Alien Skin, Andromeda, Pantone, ColorVision, Callas, Exalead, Markzware, Morphologic, Tramontána, WoodWing, XMPie, URW++, Quark, Canto, Wacom, Electric Rain, FileMaker, Axaio, SoftAudit in Hungary.

Leader of Adobe Technical Team, Adobe programs and other Desktop Publishing (DTP) software product manager and technical expert (Adobe, Pantone, Quark, OnOne, Extensis, ColorVision, URW++, Fonts).
Giving presentations in Hungary and other countries in Europe about Adobe products and Web 2.0 technology. Target customer sectors: government; banks and finance; creative studios; advertisement departments; printing houses; IT sector; education; architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) sector. Maximum number of audience: 700
Adobe beta tester (List of the tested programs are here.)
Tutoring. Technical support and assistance of Adobe and other Desktop Publishing software and technology.
Product marketing: Creating the Adobe advertisement materials in Hungarian language. Translation from the original English text to Hungarian and re-write for marketing environment. Creating unique graphic design. Web page upgrade with technical informations.
Writing newspaper articles, reviews and technical advices to digital and printed media.
Expert opinion in TV News about digital counterfeiting.
Radio presentation about the Photoshop CS2.
Localisation works about Adobe products (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign), and technical readership of the database.
Technical reader of Hungarian Books (Adobe Classroom in the Books).
Organisation of Adobe conferences.
Adobe expert and piracy manager in Anti-piracy campaigns.
Adobe PDF technology and PDF solution manager.
Colour Management specialist.
Pantone Color System management.
Font Management specialist.
Printing specialist.
Teaching the workers, co-workers and customers.
Customers feedbacks and wishes.
Manage the company’s web page creating and information uploading. Structural plan of,
Company’s web page optimization for Google Search Engine and other Search Engine technologies (SEO - Search Engineer Optimization).
Google optimization.
Other pre- and after-sales works.
Other computer technical adviser outside and inside the company like network, Internet, company database and Web 2.0.

Tiszszo kft.

2001⁄2003 Tiszszo Offset Press and Graphic Studio

Desktop Publishing (DTP) and prepress works: Newspapers, Books, marketing materials, brochure, business cards and business papers, logos and company designs, envelopes, akcidens forms, etc..
Web design of the company’s web-page.
System administration of the company’s PCs. Technical adviser.

Wellcom Grafikai Stúdió

2001⁄2001 Wellcom Graphic Studio

Desktop Publishing and prepress works, RIP (Raster Image Processor), lighting.
Macintosh system administrator.

Rejtő Könnyűipari és Környezetmérnőki Kar
Könnyűipari Műszaki Főiskola

1998⁄2000 Light Industry Technical Academy, Information department

Teaching Internet and computer technology at the IT department of the Light Industry Technical Academy (KMF, later RKK).
Taught software: MS Word, Excel, Adobe Dreamweaver, Windows, DOS.
Creating web-pages, working on the RKK web-page.
Desktop publishing (PMS Workshop).

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